Google Docs Sync and Transfer


To upload a file to Google Docs from BE Write HD, tap on the “Export” menu (the arrow coming out of a box) icon. 
This will open the export menu, which includes three choices for uploading to Google Docs:
Current Page,
Current Notebook, 
and Everything. 
These options are pretty much explained by their names, just choose how much you want to upload and tap on your choice.
If it is your first time uploading to Google Docs you will need to log in. Enter your Google Docs user name and password in the “Google Docs Sync and Transfer” settings and tap “Login”. 
If you are not prompted to do this, tap on the “settings” icon (the wheel/gear) in the Google Docs section of the menu.
Once you are logged in, you will be able to upload a single page (the one you are currently on when you enter the export menu), the current notebook, or all your notebooks in BE Write. If you have created a large collection of notebooks and pages, this could take a few minutes.
Google Docs does not support absolute positioning, which is what happens if you move an image around on your page. Therefore, if you have moved an image, it might not be where you expected it to be once the page is uploaded to Google Docs. Also, once you have uploaded your page(s), you will see not only your finished pages listed, but each image that you created will be listed as a separate image file, also, in its original size. This is pretty cool, because now you can use the finished page or just the single images if you want.
NOTE: Pages are not always visible in Google Docs as soon as you have received a confirmation that your page has been uploaded. We have tested this many times, and sometimes the page appears almost immediately, which is usually the case, and sometimes it can take a long time (once it took an hour, but this was the exception). As far as we can tell, this variability is related to Google Docs, and not to
BE Write.


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