Title 30

Today I am testing bewrite app. 

1) Drawing on the right hand side select the pencil 
2) Then you select freely move and you will be able to freely move the image to where ever you would enjoy!
Now I will show you how to type and I am typing write now but theres more to it
1) you can just select where ever you want to type then you either syncronize your keyboard or you type on the screen
2) there is a lot more to typing then you may think there is many cool feature while your typing such as having  your words Crossed out!! It may be pointless but if you wanted to blog possible ideas and show the one you would like to cross out then this would be absolutely perfect!!!!! Just like in word or any other typing program you can italisize or BOLD! or Even change the font! With all these cool features you may get a little distracted but dont let that keep you from your actuall purpose of this which is to 



About bewritetest

BE Write app test blog
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